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Ms. Taranjit Kaur

Pen of Managing Director

I take this opportunity to thank my valued students, whose continued patronage and confidence in us inspires us to extend the best of services and enables us to provide value for their money. Being dedicated to culinary practices, we are focused on addressing the needs of our students through rigorous, efficient, reliable and economic analysis and in line with the best possible learning outcomes, whilst maintaining continuous interaction with them to assess their emerging requirements, so as to be a step ahead professionally. We believe that technology holds the key to food safety, energy security, access to information, and economic freedom, which are necessary for empowering our rural brethren.

We are committed to total guaranteed client satisfaction by identifying their specific needs, translating them into quality products and providing credible skill developed guidance. We plan to achieve this goal through our strength – our staff; and seek their continued involvement in achieving our company objectives.

I therefore seek continued patronage of our valued stakeholders, cooperation of our staff and thank our well wishers who have contributed to the growth of the organisation.


Mr. Lehamber Singh Mander

(Commandant Retd)

Message from Director Administration

The aim of the Rana Cooking School (RCS) is simple: To provide the world's best culinary experience maintaining environmental, sustainable, health and hygiene and pollution level of the society.

We are already recognized around the world as one of the best culinary school which typically promotes our own mother cuisine in a rigorous length. The treasure of us, of course, is our student, faculties and staff, but it is also a fact that the Administrative Office plays an extremely important role by supporting their activities.

Today, we live in an era of fluid change in both the content of academics and discipline, and for this reason, the Administrative Office must also be a flexible organization. However, since professional academics is ultimately a human activity, I believe that the Administrative Office should also put particular effort into being an organization that works closely and “thinks together” with our stake-holders. If you're interested in creating challenging profession that will change the world we live in, Rana Cooking School is the place for you, and the Administrative Office is ready and able to help!


Mr. Lehamber Singh Mander

(Commandant Retd)


Prof. (Chef) Subhadip Majumder

Message from Director Academics

Welcome to Rana Cooking School!!!!

A grand learning playground for aspiring culinarians “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” Echoing Aristotle's words and sentiments: Rana Cooking School was founded in the year 1985 with a mission to create noble culinary professionals and it is our success story which continuing.

As a leading provider of quality skill, RCS has come to play a unique and powerful role in transforming students' lives across India. Our Industry have accepted and offered our student to land dream jobs, launch careers and boost confidence. Our students have crossed their lives most import ant mi les tones amids t tr y ing per sona l circumstances, financial constraints and family commitments. Our students took a leap of faith with us and emerged as winners.

That with a little effort and little help, YOU TOO CAN BE OUR NEXT BIG SUCCESS STORY.

RCS is a close knit small scale college with limitless dream to achieve. This creates an intimate and interesting learning atmosphere. During the cour se s tudent s tudy independently as well as in small groups involving tasks.

We strongly believe that a professional culinary Course without a training in a Hotel is impossible. Hence, at RCS we, provide practical exposure in our own-campus star category professional laboratories. We also send our student ABROAD on PAID INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS. This Professional experience is the key feature of RCS.

These practical exposures with leading 5 star Hotel Chains Pan India along with International Paid Internship Programs globally, form the most unique proposition of our course pattern. All our students discover during the course that the opportunity to work in a hotel, resort or restaurant during their study becomes the springboard to future employment on completion of their course. Our faculty members are recognized experts in the hospitality management & education. I welcome you once again to the abundance of opportunities waiting to be claimed.