The scent of spices and the taste of India's many flavours will offer you a unique gastronomic experience. In the north, the staple diet includes a range of flat breads such as porris, chappatis, nans and paranthas. In the south, a repertoire based on rice is an essential part of any meal fluffy white idlis, steamed cakes of ground rice and lentils and crisp dosas. Dals or split lentisls are common fare throughout India.

Many of the culinary delights of India have originated from the great royal courts of earlier times. North Indian cuisine is most influenced by the great Mughals and savoured in the luscious curries, kormas and in the delicious tandoori recipes varieties of kababs and spicy roasted chicken. Other royal cuisines include the 'Wazwan' from Kashmir, the 'Dum-Pukht' cuisine of Oudh and Hyderabad's rich pulaos and biryanis.


For more than three decades, Rana Cooking School has enabled aspiring culinary professionals to turn their ambitions into reality. Nowadays we offer wide range of Commercial Cookery, Bakery Management, hospitalilty management programmes. Regardless your back ground, by graduating with RCS, you will become a part of tradition of excellence,with credentials that will set you apart from the competition in a demanding and changing industry.

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