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The Brainstormers

A women entrepreneur is always desirous for the nation and when it is someone who had passionately crafted for the benefit of the young talents without considering the business factor – Ms. Taranjit Kaur Mander of Jalandhar proved that she can do it.

She was an ordinary woman working for one of the oldest college of Punjab as a lecturer and teaching language subjects and carrying her old interest in the back of the mind. Her Grandfather who was the whole and sole supervisor of community kitchen of Maharaja of Patiala has taught his family that how to become hospitable and how to create the most beautiful delicacies for savour. This intrigue teaching techniques have allowed her to win competition of Nestle and started growing the entrepreneurship in her.

Her interest started growing for learning more and more and she learnt the skill under Ms. Balbir Singh and the then renowned Chef Kishan Thapa who is presently associated with one of the very reputed Star Hotel in Germany.

In the year 1984 when a group of professors approached Ms. Taranjit for learning cooking skill which can help them to move ahead in career – she started actually. In 2001 she left her job and started full fledged skill improvement for budding professionals. Rana Cooking School formed in Jalandhar and the name is kept in recognition of her younger brother Mr. Ranbir Singh most vividly known as Rana.


Slow but steady she took her dream to a level that made it possible for school branches to grow. At present Rana Cooking School is having branches in 7 major cities of Punjab.

She always believed on real life knowledge sharing and carrying a dream of creating Culinary University which is first time in India.

Her son who is a Chef has given absolute back up to the dream and have taken the old 34 years school to the next level by creating a state of the art school with absolute modern and equipped culinary school.

History will always remain history but looking at the future it is to say that Rana Cooking School has the dream to create budding chefs by developing their intrigue skill and guiding them to the right pathway which can make them professionals.


To become the classical culinary skill development organisation of choice for student and industry, which is recognised for its skill development rigor, practical exposure, and professional orientation.


Cultivating hands on skills in culinary, strengthening holistic approach of professional development, building entrepreneurial orientation and skill development of students for professional leadership roles worldwide.